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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

For those that have read some of my posts before, you know I am quite passionate about my love of books and reading and trying to instill the same love for books in my students. I have written quite a few posts about the different ways I have tried to develop this in my students and why I believe it is so important to give students a choice and voice in the books they are reading.

Today, I am turning things around and I am letting my students speak for themselves.  A few days ago I had my students write a reflection about themselves as readers.  I asked them to look back at themselves and share how they thought they had changed as a reader since the beginning of the year.  As well, I asked them what the best part of reading in our classroom was.  Here are some of things the things they had to share (and if you are wondering, I did talk to them about how I was writing a post about this and asked if they were okay if I shared some of their thoughts. Of course, they were thrilled that I would actually share what they said, that others might read what they had to say.)

“I’ve changed as a reader because I am reading harder books. I know I like funny books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’m better at reading bigger words. I liked all the read alouds we did. I also liked when we shared our favorite picture books.”                            Rayahna

In September I didn’t like books much.  I only liked short books. Now I like books like Amulet and The Beaver Brothers.”                                                                       Julian

“I really like how we can choose any book in the class library.  I usually like books like Ivan and Treehouse. In September I only read comic books.  Now I’m reading more types like chapter books and graphic novels.”                                                                       Nathaniel

Last year I didn’t like reading at all, but now I like reading. Last year I barely read any books, now I can read for longer periods of time. I like reading in our class because there were no levels, we got to choose our own books to read. I loved how we did picture book skypes. ”             Tina

“I used to read shorter, easier books and now I can read longer, harder books. I like that you can look in any bin, not just one bin.”                                                  Cara

“I like our reading corner because I like all the books.  I like all the Amulet books and the 13 and 26 Story Treehouse books.”                                                                      Ryley

In September I didn’t like to read, but now I do. In grade 3 I like that we get to read around the room. I’m reading books with harder words.”   Ava

I could continue on, but I am hoping the point is coming across.  I have tried to instil a love of reading by having book talks, having children share the books they are enjoying with each other, by skyping with other classes, by doing read alouds.  Quite often, I like to think that my students pick up on how much I love books when I share my newest finds that I find in the library and bookstores with them and it gets them intrigued in books as well.

And that’s from the horse’s mouth…..