Sometimes You Have to Let Them Go….

As a parent, one of the hardest things to take that step back and let your children go out into that big world on their own. You do want them to experience what this beautiful world has to offer for them, but at the same time you want to protect them and keep them safe. 

For me, this feeling has been prevalent for me as the summer comes to a close. For those that don’t know me, I have two wonderful children who are the light of my world. My peanut, who I talk about quite often on here, is 6 years old but she does have an older brother, who I don’t talk about as much, who is 26 years old. It’s funny because quite often people assume because of the large age gap that peanut was that “oops” child that came unexpectedly but it was actually the other way around. (And yes, he loves when I call him my “oops” child)

Both are, in their own ways, stepping out into the world, wanting to do it on their own. I love that they are both the independent thinkers I raised them to be, but on the other hand the momma bear inside me wants them close by and safe. My daughter has very succinctly told me time and again this summer “I want to do this myself, mommy!” And I have had to take that step back, hold my breath and hope it all goes okay and she doesn’t get hurt.  She’s going off into grade 2 this year, so excited to see what school has to offer and can’t wait to see what’s to come. I will have to start learning to take that step back and let her go and figure things out on her own, hoping she know I will always be there to cheer her on, but also to pick her up if she falls.

Biking ahead to show me she can do it herself.

The much harder one is my older son, my boo as I like to call him (and again if he knew I was sharing this, he would not be impressed) is going off on his own as well. This week he leaves for Europe to go to school. He is going to be gone for how long I honestly don’t know. He has his own plans of how he wants things to go and none of them involve living here in Canada. And I won’t lie, as excited as I am for him, it’s going to be so hard to put him on that plane, not knowing when I will see him again. But again, just like his sister, I need to let him go, I need to let him try this on his own, cheer him on so to speak, but also let him know I’m there if things don’t go well. I don’t want him to leave feeling bad because I am sad, so I will tuck my tears away and give him a smile, big hug and wish him good luck because that’s what we do as parents. It’s important to let him go, let him figure things out and hope it all works out. 


One last picture with brother before he goes

Being a parent is definitely not for the faint at heart, but I’d honestly not have it any other way. My children have helped me grow in many ways and I love them both for that. As they both go off on their own separate adventures I will watch them go and cheer them on, hoping in my heart that they stay safe because I need to let them go. 

One thought on “Sometimes You Have to Let Them Go….

  1. Sheila Greene

    Hi, Catherine,
    I’m a third grade teacher in Vermilion, Ohio–one of my colleagues (Lisa Murray) passed along your name as a person interested in the upcoming Global Read Aloud, and I am too! Lisa didn’t have your email address and suggested that I connect w/you here. So, here I am. I’ll leave my contact info below, and hopefully we can establish a connection!


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