Sometimes It Comes Down to Trusting Yourself 

When I first started my new position this year I had my share of worries and concerns- was I ready to take on a younger grade where they weren’t as independent, was I ready to relearn a curriculum I hadn’t taught in many years, was I ready to deal with these new SLA’s. However I was willing to figure out how to deal with all these because this new position would give me the one thing my last job had been missing, more time with my daughter, my peanut as I like to call her. 

As the  year went on, I questioned my ability to deal with these challenges more than once. I would go home frustrated at times with myself, with how I had dealt with a situation, questioning whether I had made the right decision. Was I really the right fit? Was I helping my students, preparing them for the next grade, giving them what they needed to be successful? 

Don’t get me wrong – there were also moments of laughter, convincing myself that dressing up as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy was a good idea was definitely one of those moments. There were also moments of great pride – when I saw my students skyping, blogging – talking to other students around the province and Canada sharing their ideas about books we were reading, talking to authors and asking them about characters they loved. They showed how they were able to share their thoughts, their voice and I was so proud of them.

These last few days I realized something as we went about our day in our busy room of craziness – my kids are learning and we’ve actually gotten to a great place. We are in the midst of an animal research project right now and I looked up and what I saw made me smile. I had students working on laptops finding pictures for their research posters they were making, I had students working on their animal books on their iPads. I was working with my small group of specials who just needed that little extra from me. I saw students helping each other out, asking how to insert this picture, how to print that, all of us were just happily doing our thing and doing what needed to be done. I honestly sat back at the end of the day and thought to myself how far we had all come. Yes, they had learned from me, but I had learned just as much from them. It’s going to be really hard to see them all go this June. 

My bunch of littles taught me something important this past year – that change is good, that I need to trust myself more, and most importantly I needed to remember the thing I had told them more than once- that I will make mistakes and I need to be okay with that, I just need to learn from them and go forward. It made a decision I had to make – was I the right fit or was a change going to be on the horizon,  a much easier one to make. 

Besides I needed to remember too that I still had my peanut to tend to. So if you all don’t mind, her and I are working on our dance routine for “Girls (Run the World).” While I am only the backup dancer, she tells me it’s an important job too 😊

My gang of “littles” 

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