One Word

It is funny, when I started thinking about my one word for 2015 at first I struggled.  I wanted to find that one word that would really define how I was going to start this year.  Words like positivity, resilience, challenge, and many more were ones that I considered using. Then a few days ago, an event occurred and all of a sudden….. chaos, a maelstorm of emotions, questions and I lost my grip on things. I apologize for how cryptic this post might seem, but out of respect to those involved, this is how it is just going to be.

So, I needed to find that one word that I could hold onto that would help me in these coming days and finally it came to me…. my word for 2015 …. Faith.

I will have my faith in God to help guide me through the coming days as I deal with the multitude of questions and emotions that my students and I will have.  Faith will help me find the right words, will help me know when I need to give a hug, and when I need to give space.

I will have faith in myself that I will be the anchor that can be held onto, the shoulder that can be there when needed. Faith will give me the strength I need.

I will have faith in my support system, my husband who has been there, my children who have let me hug them for no reason, my friends, especially my #plngelato – Kelli, Dana, Zoe, and Paige.  They listened to me as I tried to make sense of things and helped me figure out how I was going to deal with that which would come. I will have faith in my admin and colleagues as together we weather the challenges in store.

My one word…



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