A Funny Thing Happened in Twitter

So anyone who knows me personally knows I’ve been a fiend when it comes to the Twitter since I joined a year and a half ago. You name a Twitter chat, I’ve probably tripped over and into it – #cdnedchat #4thchat, #mbechat are only the tip of the iceberg. I won’t lie, I dove deep end into the pool because it was just so fascinating to meet other like minded educators who were passionate about the job we do.
Fast forward to a few months ago – due to personal family reasons I decided to take a new job. I thought it would be much like the job I had been doing so the change would be slight. Boy, was I wrong. The new job came with a multitude of challenges and obstacles – on a daily, if not hourly basis which threw me off my stride more than once. I was dealing with challenging students, parents with concerns, new standardized tests, and so much more. Plus I had been asked to help the district in sharing the things I do to connect my students with other teachers, which was more responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I was doing but I was piling more and more work on myself and tiring myself out, burning myself out and it was only month two of the school year. Quite often, after a rough day, feeling like I was banging my head against a wall I came home and just did not have the time, energy or wherewithal for my favourite Twitter chats. At times, I snuck in and lurked but more often than not, I missed them.
But one chat I would make sure to try not to miss was one that is not like all other chats and that is #weirded chats on Wednesday nights. If you haven’t had the chance to lurk or hang out in this chat, hosted by @theweirdteacher himself or one of this group, you need to. Don’t get me wrong, we in this chat (and yes I do add myself to is group, but just on the periphery) are a bunch of teachers that look at things in just a slight different way and are quite proud of that. The chats have revolved around such themes as the Muppets, Superheroes, Robin Williams but also more serious ones such as when the events that went down in Ferguson. What I love about this chat is how such irreverent themes can bring about such amazing insights and conversations. When I go to this chat, I honestly feel normal which is not something I get in my current work situation. People in this chat get my passion for my job, how I want to do just more than hand out a worksheet to my students and say fill in the blanks. Quite often, after this chat, I feel rejuvenated and able to get back on the horse so to speak. They are really a special bunch that hang out there, trust me (don’t get me started on the night #addinyourpantstosongtitle was a hashtag that ran away)
So now I have to share what was a highlight for me. Last night somehow someway our ingenious host of #weirded was able to get Bobak Ferdowsi aka the Mohawk guy from NASA to come into the chat and talk to the bunch of us about science, space and so much more. Unfortunately I was in and out due to my little peanut (Grrr real life interfering) but I got a chance to actually talk via Twitter and share ideas with him about what science is like in my room of crazy. It honestly was a surreal experience. It took me until this morning to fully digest it.
So what’s the point of all this? Sometimes it’s important to look past the challenges and not get bogged down in the stuff that can drag you down I guess. You might miss golden opportunities like I would have if I hadn’t decided to stop by last night.
I think Ferris summed it up well….


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