My Adventures in Spain Part One

When I decided to do my teacher exchange I had two goals in mind: the first to see a little more of the world and the second to see what similarities (if any) and differences there were between our way of schooling here in Alberta and in Spain.
My two week exchange began the end of March when I started the long journey to Spain via plane. Let me tell you the Canadian airport experience beat the experience in London hands down. While I realize there is a big difference between Vancouver airport and Heathrow, the factor with me was the ease I was able to find my way, get help when I was unsure where I was going. Vancouver couldn’t help enough and Heathrow was a nightmare. Trying to find someone willing to help (attitude galore) and then trying to make sense of what I was reading (yes I DO speak English) was very challenging. I ended up losing it with a British Airways gate attendant trying to explain through my tears (after a 20 min fight through security with my dangerous Canadian maple syrup – which was a present for my host family which never did make it through) I was worried about missing my flight. She was very helpful at least and got me where I needed to go.
The end result was worth it though. I made it to Segovia, Spain a small city of 55, 000 people. (With one of my suitcases, the other arrived at a later date lol) The history and culture here is unbelievable and hard to put into words. Hopefully the pictures below give you an idea.
I have spent almost a week here now and so far it has been amazing. I have seen some fascinating things – an ancient Roman aqueduct, a cathedral centuries old, a summer palace made for the King and Queen of Spain in an attempt to compete with Versailles, and even a bull fighting ring. I can’t begin to talk of the food. The paella here is mouth-watering, I had hot chocolate so thick it was like someone melted a rich dark chocolate bar in a cup, and the pastries are to die for. I will admit I find the love of fish here hard. You go in the supermarkets and it is like being at a wharf – big long smelly fish laying on ice ready to purchase. No thanks!! (My husband would have loved it though) It is funny to see glimpses of home here though I saw a Burger King here and was told Mcdonalds is coming in the summer. Sigh hard to believe in a city with such a rich history progress of this type ventures in.
Anyway enough for now, I will speak of my schooling experience another day.



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